If your organization is a systems integrator, reseller, distributor, or services provider, Miltel can work together with you on a partnership basis. Typically Miltel will work with a local partner who is a systems integrator, reseller, or service provider. The local partner is the prime when working with the local customer, and Miltel is a sub-contractor or supplier to the local partner. Thus, Miltel provides product (hardware and software) to the local partner, and the local partner resells the equipment and software to the end customer. The scope of work and the respective roles of each party are defined in a partnership agreement between Miltel and the local partner. Of course, Miltel provides the initial training and oversees the first installations in order to ensure that the local partner is fully trained on system installation, maintenance and support. Miltel’s software can be licensed for use on the customer’s or partner’s servers, or Miltel can provide the software on an SaaS basis (Software as a Service).


Partnerships can be product, industry, and/or territorially delineated.