Advanced Water Management


A water system – whether a utility, a municipality, or even a campus or business park – is comprised of many distributed assets. A significant number of these assets are in difficult to reach locations and exist in harsh environments. Practically none of these assets have a power source available. The major challenges:


Water assets must be monitored and managed; data must be collected efficiently and on a timely basis; data from many different types of sources must be addressed; the solution must be fully scalable.


Miltel’s Advanced Water Management is a suite of products that is based upon our proprietary, wireless data acquisition and transport technology. Miltel’s solution meets the challenges and addresses the objectives of Advanced Water Management via a set of wireless communications solutions and a library of software tools.

Advanced Water Management

Miltel’s Advanced Water Management System provides a number of water system asset monitoring and management solutions – all operating under the same data acquisition and transport network. All solutions are independent yet can be interdependent when deployed together. All Miltel solutions are fully scalable and can be transparently operated from within external systems for ERP, customer support, operations control, etc.

Miltel’s Advanced Water Management Solutions: